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Wedding Smile Makeover On Facebook

Smiling-BrideWe're having phenomenal success advertising Wedding Smile Makeover on Facebook and I thought I might share this success formula with you all. It's not often I get so excited about a particular form of advertising that I actually write a blog about it, but advertising this particular item on this platform has really hit the spot.   When you give it some thought it is the perfect platform for the following reasons:

  1. The majority of Facebook users are female.
  2. You can target by relationship status.
  3. You can target by location.
  4. You can target by interests e.g. weddings, wedding cakes, wedding receptions etc. etc.

So how do you go about promoting a Wedding Smile Makeover on Facebook? Well there are a several steps. Firstly you need a Wedding Smile Makeover package, this can be Smiling-Bride-II whitening and straightening, straightening and cleaning, whitening and cleaning or straightening, cleaning and whitening, its up to you really.

You then need to (a) create a landing page on your website, or write a blog about this on your website, either will do simply because this where we are going to send people from the advert to. The page needs to be very clear and concise and the URL (the name of the page) should include "Wedding Smile Makeover" or whatever it is you are going to call it.

Then you need to create your Facebook advert. This is NOT a post on your Facebook page, although you might want to create posts that compliment your advert too. When you set up your advert you need to decide how much per day you want to spend, design your advert and put in the targeting criteria e.g. your location, aimed at females who are engaged, interested in weddings etc. etc. Smiling-Indian-Bride

When you have done all this you are ready to post your advert on Facebook, remember these adverts will be displayed down the right hand side of the users screen when they are in Facebook so try and get your message very clear, with a clear call to action. The simpler you make it for the person reading your Wedding Smile Makeover advert the more success you will have.

Incidentally we now offer a service that just looks after your Google and Facebook advertising for you, so if you don't feel comfortable doing this yourself, call me on 01767 626 398 or email me at or visit the website

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