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scribble videoFor those of you that don't actually know what a scribble video is, please follow this link to my Vimeo site and have a look at this one. Click on this linkĀ Smile Makeover don't pay too much notice to the content just how these work.

So why is scribble video so powerful as opposed for instance to a video of you or one of your patients telling people why they should use your services.

The first and most important reason is sound. Yes if someone doesn't have the sound turned up on their mobile or their desktop computer they can't hear what is being said by either you or your patients.

I first noticed this problem whilst I was with one of my customers in his surgery. We logged into my website and there was me on the home page talking about how Dental Marketing Expert can help you with your marketing.

The problem was that because this was a computer in a surgery, you couldn't hear what I was saying, so I effectively looked like a gold fish, with my mouth moving and nothing coming out.

Whilst we can narrate a scribble video and we normally have music in the background, it doesn't matter if they can't hear anything because everything is visual.

People are compelled to look at what is being written on the white board and see what we are going to draw next. Research has shown that 70% of the people who start to watch a scribble video actually watch it right to the end, simply because it catches and then keeps their attention.

But why have a scribble video, or any video on your website at all? It's all to do with engaging your website visitor. 60-70% of all web traffic is now coming from mobile devices which means that people are even more likely to be distracted than ever.

A scribble video which starts automatically will immediately grab their attention and then keep their attention, this is exactly what you want for two reasons:

  1. You want people to stay on your site for as long as possible because the longer they stay on the site the more likely they are to engage with you or book an appointment.
  2. The length of time people stay on your site, affects your Google ranking. Effectively if people come to your site and immediately leave (this is called bounce rate), Google sees this as a bad thing and lowers your rankings. If on the other hand Google sees people coming to your site and staying it will move up the rankings.

This then has a knock on effect, the higher you are up the Google rankings, the more people come to your site, the more people that come to your site, the more they see the video etc. etc.

Putting scribble video onto your website is incredibly easy and we can provide this service for you if you wish.

For more information about scribble video or any marketing for your website, call me on 01767 626 398 or email me at enquiries@dentalmarketingexpert.co.uk, or you can visit the website at www.dentalmarketingexpert.co.uk or you can visit our Facebook page.

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