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Neil Sanderson Dental Marketing Expert

So following up on last weeks blog about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). I thought I'd talk about Social Media and Google advertising as they are also crucial to your Google rankings.

Search Engine Optimisation with Facebook

Let's start with Social Media and particularly Facebook. Without any doubt the cheapest form of advertising to get get links to your website are via Facebook. You can get video plays for 1p per time. Just think about that Facebook will show your video to as many people as your budget will allow for just 1p each view.

For search engine optimisation there is just no cheaper way to get people to come to your website and in turn drive you up the rankings.

Here's what you do. You create a video or get someone to create a video for you (maybe me), you put this into an advert on Facebook with your website URL a few lines of enticer text and a call to action e.g. book now. Facebook will then start showing this to your targeted audience.

So for instance lets say you have a dental practice in Bedford (my local town). You offer facial aesthetics, so your target audience is probably females between 25-60, who live in Bedford. Facebook will let you do this.

Let's assume you have a budget of £200.00 for a month, Facebook will show your video to 20,000 people who fit your profile description with the potential for them to come to your website. There simply isn't any search engine optimisation available as cheap as that.

Because people will be clicking on your Facebook video, Google sees this as a "social link" which they like very much, so not only are you getting your video in front of all these people but you are increasing your rankings in one go.

Search Engine Optimisation using Google Adwords

As I mentioned in my earlier blog last week, the only way to get to the very top of Google is to advertise with them e.g. pay per click or Google Adwords. This because the top three places are always given to advertisers rather than the organic search.

There is also another angle you need to think about. 60% of all search is now done on mobile devices. people barely ever go beyond the first three listings on a mobile search, all of which are Google ads.

So if you are serious about being found on Google you have to look at pay per click, it is almost guaranteed search engine optimisation because you are paying Google for the privilege.

Google pay per click is brilliant, as you only pay when someone actually clicks on your advert and is sent to your website, which let's face it is exactly what you want isn't it?

However you do need to be very careful with Google pay per click. Google are extremely efficient at taking money from you. In the marketing profession it's called "The Stupidity Tax".

At every point when you are setting up an ad campaign Google will try and get you to use their defaults which are designed to make you spend as much money as possible.

If you are going to get into Google Advertising for your search engine optimisation (I recommend you do). You need to learn how to do it well first or get someone like me to do it for you. Because I will get you the lowest price per click and ensure it works for you, whereas you may well just line Google's pocket even more.

If you would like more information on search engine optimisation, please call me on 01767 626 398 or email me at or visit my website at or visit my Facebook page.



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