How Mobile Search Is Changing Everything

Why You Need To Have A Mobile Search Strategy

mobile searchI've been talking about mobile search and how important it is for some time now. I recently attended a marketing seminar and it has now become the most important thing you need to concern yourself with regarding digital marketing.

For around eighteen months now Google has penalised websites that are not mobile ready when people search for them on a mobile device.

What Is Mobile Ready

If you don't already know, I'll explain just what mobile ready means. If someone comes to your website and they have to pinch or expand your site in order to read the text or look at an image, your site is not mobile ready and will suffer in the mobile search stakes.

A website should automatically change it's appearance when someone is viewing it on a mobile phone. They should be able to read all the text and view all graphics without having to make any adjustments other than move it up or down.

The menu should look like the three stripes or a hamburger as we call it in the marketing world.

So if your site isn't mobile ready, you need to do this right now (like today).

If your site is mobile ready and Google are happy to rank it in their mobile search results. You now have another issue, is it mobile optimised.

The difference between mobile ready and mobile optimised

The difference between a website that is mobile ready and mobile optimised can make quite literally make or break your dental practice.

You see the problem with people doing a mobile search and then looking at your site on a mobile phone is that they are usually doing something else. They might be in a cafe or bar, walking down a street, watching TV or cooking dinner. They can be doing hundreds of different things whilst looking at your website.

So whilst the problem for all of us is mobile phones, this is also your answer.

Most people won't fill in contact forms on a mobile phone. So whilst I would still have one, the chances of someone actually filling it in and sending it back to you are remote.

But remember they have the phone in their hands and (yes it's a phone). So you need them to call you.

Make things as easy as possible for your reader

You have to make it as easy as possible for someone to call you directly from their mobile phone. This means that your phone number should be all over your site, ideally after every section on a page.

So if someone is scrolling down your site, your phone number should be coming up every couple of centimetres, so they can simply tap on the number and call you.

The other way of offering the same feature is to have your phone number stationary at the top and bottom of the mobile screen. Whilst they scroll through the other information they want to read. When they have read this they can simply tap on the phone number at the top or bottom of the screen.

If you are serious about growing your practice and have a website you need to implement all these features into your website so that you benefit from mobile search above your competitors.

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