Harness The Power Of Video In Your Practice

The Power Of Video Can't Be Exagerated

On Sunday I was despatched by the present Mrs. Sanderson to the local garden centre to buy a Poinsettia for the festive season, which I duly did, but I also managed to returned with a product called Greased Lightening Showroom Shine and a rubber broom all due the to power of video.

Let me explain why the power of video is... well so powerful. The first product Greased Lightening Showroom Shine is an amazing product that enables you to clean and polish your car without any water and yes it does work, however I am the type of bloke that normally asks one of the East European car cleaners to clean my car when I'm despatched to the supermarket and they do a fantastic job for just £6.00.

Greased Lightening Showroom Shine cost me £16.00 and I still had to clean the car myself. So why did I make such a stupid purchase? Because I was wandering around the garden centre, not really thinking about anything other than the Poinsettia when I saw a video of this product. The product showed you how we all spend forever with a hose, washing the car, then drying it, then polishing etc. etc.

I watched the video and though I have to give this stuff a go, even though I never wash the car myself. Not only did I buy the product for £16.00 I also bought some clothes to go with it for another £7.00, all because of the power of video, if there hadn't been a video I would never have bought it.

But the power of video hadn't finished with me yet, two minutes later I stopped and watched another video about a product called The Rubber Broom from Neat Ideas. Well if you thought my previous purchase was stupid this gets even better. The power of video worked overtime here.

I'm almost to embarrassed to tell you this but, I bought the rubber broom because one of the things you can do with it, is scrape the water and soap suds off your car windscreen when you are washing it!!

So I bought a product that will clean your car without any water and then bought a rubber broom, which amongst a myriad of other things scrapes the water off your windscreen, which I don't have because of the Greased Lightening product.

I ended up spending £30.00 on products which in all probability will be put into the shed and never be used again all because I watched two videos.

As I was cleaning my car without any water, I thought this just shows you the power of video and why you should have it in your reception.

Your patients are sat in your reception every day, with nothing else to do, other than stare at their mobile phone, read a magazine or watch your TV, which is why it is essential you have your own promotional video playing, not Sky News or BBC News, something like Dental Practice TV which goes well beyond the normal video.

Dental Practice TV not only shows your promotional video which explains to your patients what you can do for them, but also gives them essential information about your practice, advertises your offers, gives them local news and information and also has a national news feed.

So don't delay, contact me today on 01767 626 398 or email me at sales@dentalmarketingexpert.co.uk or visit the website www.dentalmarketingexpert.co.uk or just view the video Dental Practice TV, You only need to sell one whitening per month to get a positive return on investment.

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