Dental Website Development What You Need To Know

Dental Website Development

dental website developmentDental website development isn't about how the website looks. That part of the profession is more for the client e.g. the dentist than the patient who will be visiting it.

It's not about design it is about how many patients we can attract to the practice. Did you know that the design of the dental website is only 20% of the effectiveness of the site. Yet most people put 90% of their effort into this part of dental website development.

The biggest item you need to consider when thinking about dental website development is. Is it mobile responsive (not to be confused with mobile ready).

Mobile Websites

You have to make your dental website as easy for someone to contact you by phone as possible as 60-70% of all the people  who will visit your website will do so via a mobile phone.

When we start building a website, we start with the mobile and think about the desktop second. As this is where the traffic will come from.

After your website has been made mobile responsive you then think about the headlines. After mobile responsiveness headlines are what dental website development is about. Because you have just seven seconds to get and keep your audiences attention.

After the headlines we then think about video. Dental website development has to have video on the site. And don't just put a video from one of your suppliers it has to be about you.

You need animated video. The best dental website development video to have on your site is an animated video. Better known as a scribble or explainer video an these are the video's we use. Have a look at my website and you'll see what I mean.

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