Your Website Has To Be On Page One Of Google

If Your Not On Page One Of Google You're Nowhere

page oneYou probably already know how important it is to be on page one of Google, it's pretty simple really the guys who's listings are at the top of the page get all the traffic.

Last year Google changed how it presents your listings on it's search engine on page one. First are Google Adwords (up to five of them). Then there are the Google local listings. Then the rest.

You simply have to be on page one in one of these areas or you may as well be on page 5,000 as people simply won't spend any time looking for you, especially on mobile phones and remember 60% of all the people who visit your site come to you via a mobile phone.

Google Adwords

So to guarantee you are at the top of page one you have to advertise with Google, this is called Google Adwords. Which also known as pay per click, in that each time someone clicks on your advert you pay Google a fee.

Google Local Business

You then have the Google local business listings. As you'd expect these are for local businesses and contain all the information about your practice. You can update this yourself and I would encourage you to do this.

You then have the page one organic listings.

If you are happy to pay Google to be at the top and I would also encourage you to do this, then your ad will normally be viewable at the top page one.

Search Engine Optimisation

page oneIf you don't want to pay Google you need to think about the other two options and this is where you have to deploy SEO (search engine optimisation).

Effectively this means that you optimise your Google local business listing by having as much information as possible on it and you have as many Google reviews as possible.

You will then need to continually optimise your site to keep it at the top of page one. This includes working on the site its self and also creating lots of back links to the site from around the web.

We also recommend having a strong social media presence. Now you may not be a fan of Facebook and Twitter! Google is and it will raise the profile of your website on page one if you post correctly.

All this is very time consuming and is something of a black art. I would strongly recommend you get professional help to do this as you may just create the wrong impression with Google and make things worse.

See the screen shot of a search I created which clearly shows the adverts at the top of page one, then the Google local listings, then the rest.

If you want to be on page one via the route of search engine optimisation and social media. We can help out with our SEO and Social Media services. For more information call us today on 01767 626 398. Email sales at Visit our website at Visit our Facebook and Twitter pages.


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