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Your Landing Page, The Most Important Page On Your Website!

Most people think about a website as one big element but in fact as far as Google or any other search engine is concerned it is in fact a series of pages that the search engine indexes and when someone comes to your site they arrive on a landing page.

Your home page is where most people will first come to when they have entered a search on Google, but this is probably the last page you actually want them to land on and here's why.

The most successful sales website on the planet is Amazon, I suspect that everyone who is reading this article has visited Amazon and more than likely has bought something from it and the reason is that they are exceptionally good at converting browsers into buyers which is what you have to do.

The reason they are so good is that they always send you to a landing page. Just think about it, Amazon doesn't have a "home page" or an "about us" page do they?

No what happens is that you will search for something you are looking to buy, you'll usually see an advert which has been placed by Amazon, you'll click on that advert and go straight to the product you want. You seldom if ever have to navigate around the site trying to find what you are looking for, because you have been sent to a landing page.

This is what the majority of people who are searching the web for something now want. So for instance if they are looking for dental implants, they don't want to come to your home page, then navigate to treatments, then find dental implants etc. you need to be sending them directly to the implant landing page.

The same is true of just about any other treatment you offer, you have to send patients directly to the correct page without them having to work out how to get there themselves.

There are two ways to do this, the first is by using Google Adwords, this enables you to advertise what it is you want to promote and send patients directly to the correct treatment page. Of course this costs but it is guaranteed and will start working almost immediately.

The second way is to try and do the same thing using SEO or Search Engine Optimisation, which is much more difficult. This takes a great deal of time, you will almost certainly spend quite a lot of money with some form of search engine expert and the results can be very hit and miss because you are hoping that Google will look kindly on your efforts.

And just to make things even more tricky, Google may just change its algorithms at any time and all the work you have been doing to promote your page will be undone and you need to start again.

That is why I wrote a series of articles about a year saying Search Engine Optimisation Is Dead, which isn't strictly true but is it really worth it? When you can pay Google to do it for you!

So when you are thinking about your website, don't think of it as one large item, think of it as a series of pages and try and get traffic to land on the correct page on your site (your landing page).

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