Video Is Your Ultimate Referral Tool

You already know that personal referral is the best way to get new patients who spend money with you. Video is without the next best way to generate more private treatment for your practice.

Promoting your private treatments to your patients is difficult because of the following:

  1. You don't have the time (often only 10 minutes in the chair).
  2. Patients feel uncomfortable when they are in your chair and are not receptive.
  3. Patients are unaware of the treatment they can benefit from as they don't know it exists
  4. Selling something to patients that they don't understand is almost impossible.

This is where video comes to your rescue. It has two functions

Firstly it is running in your reception area, it attracts your patients attention and informs them just what you can do for them, which means they can then ask you about the treatment.

Secondly it can run on your website, giving prospective patients not only an explanation of how you can help them, but will also have your patients giving you a video testimonial, see a real video we have recently produced for one of our clients below:

Please note that we have included sub-titles in this video because it will be playing in the reception and you don't want to send your staff mad listening to the same sound track over and over again. We cut this into smaller segments which you can then put onto your website such as this video:

So whether it's in your reception area or on your website, video is the ultimate referral tool and also one of the best ways you have to educate your patient about what you can do for them.

Finally one last video to show you just how powerful a referral can be, here is one of my clients talking about me.


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