Twitter For Your Dental Practice

Twitter For your Dental Practice

Strange isn't it how something as basic as a 140 character message has become such a phenomenon in the 21st century but that's exactly what Twitter has become.

When I wrote my book "How Your Practice Can Survive The Recession" at the end of 2012, I barely gave Twitter a mention, at that point whilst it had millions of users it wasn't particularly suitable as a marketing platform, all that has changed.

In November 2013 Twitter floated on the US stock market, a float that valued the company at $17 billion, which was astounding because during that year it only managed to sell $425 million.

The problem was that whilst Twitter had millions of users it simply wasn't making any money and realistically the only way it can make money (just like Google and Facebook) is by selling advertising, something Twitter has now embraced.

It has to be said that those of you who have become used to advertising on Google will find Twitter more difficult, just at is Facebook. Google has been selling advertising now for many years and have become extremely good at it. The Google interface is very good and so long as you know what you are doing it is relatively easy.

Facebook is more difficult and limiting than Google and now the fledgling Twitter advertising is even more constrained and difficult to navigate. That said they have already incorporated many of the features that Google and Facebook have in their advertising.

So how do you go about adverting on Twitter? Well its very similar to Facebook except because you are limited to 140 characters you can have a banner advert as you can on Facebook, but the concept is similar.

With Facebook advertising, you can target gender, age, location, likes, dislikes, interests etc. The same is true for Twitter too, having said that the range of groups you can target are much lower. For instance there is no group that includes dental professionals, dentists, hygienists ext. all of whom can be targeted on Facebook.

But can for instance target males in your town in a certain age group and who like classic cars for instance. Effectively you boost your tweets just as you boost your posts in Facebook, this means that you allocate funds to a campaign and Twitter will boost your tweets to the group you want to target.

So for instance if you have targeted males in your town who have an interest in Rugby, you may want to tweet something about mouth guards for Rugby players. Twitter will then send your tweets to all the people in your town who have an interest in Rugby, which is pretty good.

I would just caution you though on the amount of pure advertising you do, you need to mix up your tweets with something interesting too, which links nicely with my blog last week on the importance of blogging.

Basically you write a blog on something you think your audience will be interested in, you then create a tweet and put a link back to the blog, this gets around the 140 character limit very well.

So start marketing your practice today on Twitter, at the moment because very few people are using it, it's incredibly cheap.

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