TV In Your Reception

Make That TV In Your Reception Work For You

If you have a TV in your reception I can almost guarantee that you're not making the most of it. In my experience most of them are normally switched off, or playing either BBC or Sky News.

That TV in your reception is probably the most powerful media you have to promote your private treatment. Let me explain why.

The vast majority of your patients have absolutely no idea what you can do for them. Here's what most of them know about dentistry. (1) You examine them every six or twelve months, (2) you can stop pain when they have a tooth ache, )3) you fill cavities in their teeth, (4) you give them a scale and polish or they visit the hygienist, you can fit dentures. Just about everything else is a mystery to them.

We recently did a survey for one of my large clients and here are some interesting statistics. Less than half (35%) knew what an implant is. Only 19% knew what a smile makeover was. 50% had no idea how teeth are whitened. Only 30% knew that you could straighten your teeth without metal braces. Only 10% knew what a bridge is.

We ran this survey in a practice that is approximately 50/50 NHS and private, where the owner wants to increase his private work.

When you think about it, we shouldn't really be surprised at these results, because why would the general public know anything about the different types of cosmetic dentistry you provide.

The only time they really get to hear about this type of treatment is if they ask in the practice isn't it?

This creates a huge problem for you as a practitioner, because unlike other providers of high value items such as kitchens, cars, holidays etc. etc. They don't know what to ask for, you have to tell them.

So herre's how you can you make that TV in your reception work for you?

We have created two products which are designed specifically to cross this bridge and inform your patients, the first is Dental Practice TV which is an amazing product, which not only shows a bespoke video of the different treatments you offer, but also has promotional ads of your offers, a news feed, practice information such as opening times, who the staff are etc. and local traffic, weather or you Twitter feed. The amazing thing about this product is that we control it from our office and can update any part of it within hours. All you need is a TV and WiFi in your reception.

The second product is The Practice Marketing Suite, this is an incredibly powerful product which includes a bespoke video which we shoot at your practice and involve your staff and patients but we also include animations to highlight the treatment or a fully animated video. But accompanying the video is a high quality brochure and pull-up banners, which will advertise the video and brochures.

Both these products are ultra high quality which reflects the high quality services you offer. They are designed specifically to promote your high value services and increase the sales of them. I can guarantee that both these products will cover there costs many hundreds of times over. In fact I can think of no other product you can buy for your practice that will give you a higher return on investment.

If you would like to know more about either Dental Practice TV or The Practice Marketing Suite, call me on 01767 626 398 or email me at or visit the website


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