Dental Marketing Expert

Martin Delahaye

“Over the last 12 months Neil has added over 30% to the revenues of our three practices, I can highly recommend him, his techniques and expert knowledge are quite amazing. Not only has he increased our revenues but he has saved us a great deal of money on ineffective advertising too.” Martin Delahaye Harley Street

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Sarah Thompson Practice Manager The Village Dental Practice

”I can highly commend Neil Sanderson to you – his claim to be ‘The Dental Marketing Expert’ is completely justified. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience that he expertly shares with you. No matter what stage you are at with your business development, he will listen and make an assessment and tailor his recommendations accordingly. Neil is an excellent, inspirational, informative and pro-active consultant with his finger on the dental pulse!” Sarah Thompson, Practice Manager

Doug Rider

“Neil is knowledgeable, personable and helpful and will certainly be able to help you market your practice” Dr Doug Rider, Dentist and Practice Owner

Rich Hirschland

Neil Sanderson is one of the most creative sales and marketing executives I have had the pleasure to work with.  This,  in combination with his deep understanding of the dental market in the UK,  made him a valued member of our management  team. Richard S Hirschland | President Carestream Dental     “As a supplier to Neil for almost ten years we have built a very strong working relationship. His knowledge of the dental market and his strong technical background give depth and credibility to his sales and marketing strategies and allow us to develop the ideal communication tools for his concepts. Meetings are short and sweet and, like his instructions, are always straight to the point. Neil sees the bigger picture particularly well and is always looking for an opportunity to increase sales and profits.” DENTAL BUSINESS WW , August 17, 2011 Duncan Blades, Managing Director, Blades Advertising & Marketing Ltd was a consultant or contractor to Neil at Carestream Dental Ltd.

Erika Kilburn

EKC have worked with and for Neil Sanderson for a number of years, his understanding of the dental market and the business aspects of dentistry is second to none. As an agency we fully appreciate the time and effort that goes into every brief supplied. Neil provides strong briefs and is always available to work with us developing new ideas and opportunities. Neil never instantly dismisses a new opportunity but takes time to see how these will work best for Carestream Dental and their client base before declining or going forward.” August 10, 2011 Erica Kilburn, Director, EK Communications Ltd (ekc) reported to Neil at Carestream Dental Ltd. Richard Prais picture “I have been working with Neil for 12 months. His ideas are both novel and effective. He has proven to be hard working and very profitable for me. Neil has generated 100 extra patients per month for me with his marketing efforts Richard Prais, owner Prais Dental     Nicole Nedelec If motivation is what you need, Neil Sanderson is the person to keep you moving forward. He is full of ideas on how to expand your business from the smallest changes to complete new restructuring. He is knowledgeable and has the associations necessary to be able to assist you in doing this. Neil is easy to work with and is definitely the person to keep you focused on your goal. Nicole Nedelec, partner at Grange Dental Practice         Grange Dental PracticeNeil, it was a pleasure having you around as you were so positive and inventive. Even when our best laid plans suffered at the hands of unforeseen events you remained consistently upbeat. Your experience stands you in good stead as you led us believe that you had ‘seen it, done it’. Your drive lifted us and we were able to begin seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. We all look forward to working with you again as soon as circumstances allow.  Roy Anthony Grange Dental rajen2 I have been working with Neil for some time now and would have no hesitation in recommending Neil to take charge of  your Dental Marketing Rajen Joshi Densmile Coventry     Katrina Wagner Neil has been a pleasure to work with and has helped us greatly to increase the revenues at our Welwyn Garden City practice. He is always upbeat and full of ideas. Keeping up with him is often difficult as he has so many idea.. I would not hesitate to recommend Neil to any prospective clients. Katrina Wagner Orthodontic Group