Referrals And How To Make The Work For Your Practice

Getting Referrals To Work For You

referralsBefore I get onto referrals I'd just like to tell you a little about one of my best clients who I had a meeting with last week. She isn't one of my best clients because she spends more cash with me than most. No it's because she's totally switched on to marketing her practice and making it work.

She has been with me for just over a year and has just completed a new surgery, has taken on a new hygienist, a new associate and is just starting a new podiatry service all in the last 12 months.

Her website is specifically designed to attract new patients and get them to take action. We are running her Google Adwords campaign. Her Facebook and Twitter accounts and her Facebook advertising as well as her search engine optimisation and yes it all works.

But what I want to talk about is her referrals strategy. Yes she has a strategy in place for this too and so should you.

Every patient knows about her referrals strategy. They know that if they refer a friend, colleague, relative etc. to her they will receive a voucher worth £25.00.

She has one patient who is saving up the vouchers to have her teeth whitened. Whitening is £300 and she has £250 worth of vouchers already!

This means that this single patient has referred ten of her connections already and when she has two more, she'll use the services of the practice even more. Its a complete win/win scenario for the patient and the practice.

It doesn't really matter what rewards you give your patients for referrals, but it is vitally important that you let them know about it.

How To Make Referrals Work

  • Ask everyone if they know anyone who is looking for a great dentist and would they recommend them to you
  • Advertise your rewards in the practice
  • Talk about your referrals rewards on social media
  • Email the rewards information out to all your patients
  • When you send out a reminder text or letter, mention the referrals rewards
  • Put your referrals rewards information on all communications you have with your patients

We provide many of our customers with a mobile app which has referrals built in to it and manages the whole process for you. But it's not about the technology it's about making sure that all your patients know that you want them to refer people to you. A referred patient is without doubt the best patient you can have. They are normally more loyal than other patients and tend to spend more money with you. So get your referrals strategy in place and start benefiting from it now.

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