Websites That Work For Dentists

At Dental marketing Expert ,we know how daunting a new web design project can seem, knowing what sort of dental website you need is usually the first hurdle.

The important part is

There are only two things you need to think about when considering dental practice websites.

(1) Are you getting traffic to it,

(2) Are you converting that traffic into patients

 Don’t be fooled by web designers telling you that if you have a great design people will flock to your site THEY WON’T. So here are the essential questions you need to ask about your website;

  • Does my website pass the SEVEN SECOND RULE?
  • Is my website mobile ready?
  • 99% of visitors don’t book anything especially cosmetic treatment. How can I engage with them?
  • Am I in charge of my website or is my designer?
  • Do I have my own video on my website and not just something from a supplier?
  • Does my site have headlines that catch people’s attention?
  • Does my website have content that constantly changes?
  • How will I convert traffic into business?

If not here’s what happens when people visit your website.

At Dental Marketing Expert , we take all our clients through the process from beginning to end, your dental practice is what you need to get right for this website.

We like to make every website unique so you stand out form the crowd and get the WOW factor. We encourage your input as much or as little as you like.

We offer all content for you and unlimited revision at the design stage and only when you are happy we move onto the development stage.

Once the website has been completed, it will be thoroughly tested on a variety of browsers (including firefox, Chrome and Safari and screen sizes


With the web constantly evolving with updates happening all he time,  and technologies change.  Websites must be kept up to date with the latest security updates to prevent hackers and maleware penetrating the code. If you choose to stay with us after the launch we offer a package to suit your needs


Once you have launched your brand new Amazing website this is only the first step to grow your business. At Dental Marketing Expert we offer the below services to go with your website

SEO –Services

This is very important once you have built a website you want traffic to find you so good keyword searches for your websites are important


Social Media

These days there a lot of ways business can reach out to there patients.  This involves Facebook, Twitter, Google and Instagram to attract new customers and communicate with existing ones.


On Line Marketing

You need a constant supply of new patients and probably more importantly keeping your existing ones and maximizing revenues. This is contact communication and dental marketing


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