Your Website Is Your Shop Window To The World You Only Have One Chance To Make A First Impression Make Sure Yours Is A Good One

Dental Practice Websites

Websites That Work For Dentists

There are only two things you need to think about when considering dental practice websites.(1) Are you getting traffic to it, (2) Are you converting that traffic into patients, everything else is irrelevant. Don’t be fooled by web designers telling you that if you have a great design people will flock to your site THEY WON’T. So here are the essential questions you need to ask about your website;

Is Your Website Ruining Your Practice?

  • Does my website pass the SEVEN SECOND RULE?
  • Is my website mobile ready?
  • 99% of visitors don’t book anything especially cosmetic treatment. How can I engage with them?
  • Am I in charge of my website or is my designer?
  • Do I have my own video on my website and not just something from a supplier?
  • Does my site have headlines that catch people’s attention?
  • Does my website have content that constantly changes?
  • How will I convert traffic into business?

If not here’s what happens when people visit your website.

  • 97% of all traffic will leave your site without doing anything if you don’t engage them within eight seconds, you must take this into account with your dental web design!
  • 60% of all search is done on mobile devices if your site isn’t mobile ready Google won’t display it, again you must take this into account with dental web design!
  • You’ll seldom provide an implant or teeth straightening from the first website visit, so you need a system to engage prospective patients over weeks or even months!
  • All dental practice websites need a content management system so that you can make regular changes without having to use your designer!
  • If your site doesn’t have video about you and what you have to offer, it’s like watching a silent movie, all dental practice websites now need to be multi-media vehicles!
  • You know how important headlines are, Don’t you?” in “If not here’s what happens when people visit your website is no different!
  • Because our dental practice websites are built using the most advanced technology, they automatically rank well with Google and with our help we’ll ensure you continue to rank well.
  • Getting traffic to your website is only 50% of the job. If you can’t convert that traffic into paying patients, it’s all pointless, we’ll show you how.

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