Dental Practice Social Media Management

Why You Need Social Media For Your Practice!

Ask anyone in the street what a dentist does, they’ll normally say something like, hygiene, examination, fillings etc. What they won’t say is saving me from wearing dentures, giving me a complete makeover with veneers, straightening my teeth without metal braces.

The reason they won’t say this is because they don’t know that you can do this for them! Most people have no idea about the different cosmetic treatments you can offer them, so how on earth can they buy these great treatment from you?

Social Media is the vehicle for you to tell people what it is that you do. It is an interactive platform that engages you with your patients and them with you.

Social Media enables you to talk with your patients in a relaxed manner (unlike when they are in the dental chair) and start to explain just what it is that you do, over and above the norm.

Social Media is in effect a brilliant word of mouth communication vehicle that you need to embrace if you want to promote the types of treatment mentioned above.

  • 80% of businesses see increased traffic to their website
  • 97% of businesses are currently participating in social media but most aren’t sure what they should post (we do)
  • Social media has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing and a higher number of followers tends to improve trust and credibility.
  • Facebook fans are 28% more likely to stick with you than non-fans*
  • Fans are 40% more likely to recommend you than non-fans*

*Based on research carried out by Hotspex for Syncapse Corp

What’s involved?

In order to get you up and running with an active social media presence, you just need to provide a little bit of input to help the social media team get started.

  • First we send you a profile document to give us the important facts about your practice and let us know the general tone and type of content you want us to produce
  • You send us the profile document
  • Your accounts are set-up and we build up a set of pre-determined Facebook posts and/or Tweets to get you started on your path to social media success!

What can I expect?

There are lots of benefits to having an active social media presence on Facebook and/or Twitter. With social media you have the ideal platform with which to tell people about your latest promotions, new treatments and success stories.

Properly optimised, your social pages may rank alongside your website for brand search terms. Not only does this mean that prospective patients have more ways to find your business online, it prevents your competitors from occupying those positions on Google. More positions on Google mean more web traffic, more enquiries and more business.

Facebook and Twitter pages help to reinforce your brand as the practice that people recognise, and provide a timely reminder to those needing treatment that you are the people to speak to.

Frequently asked questions

Why aren’t all dental practices using social media?

The fact is many of them already are, but without proper investment of time and effort a Facebook page or Twitter account can become something of a lonely ghost town that actually de-values your online presence. Done well however, these pages can becomes as valuable as your own website as a source of new business and enquiries.

How will you know enough about my business to post or Tweet about it?

One of the biggest misconceptions about social media for business is that it is just another advertising platform. It’s actually less important to keep talking about your practice than it is to listen and engage with what people on social media are already talking about. Finding the right balance of content about your business and content that will keep people interested is one of the key reasons why a professional social media team can add so much value.

Why can’t I just run my own social media pages?

The simple answer is you can. However like anything that is done properly, getting the most out of Facebook and Twitter requires a consistent and considerable investment of time, which most busy dentists find is better spent running their business! Once your social media pages are set-up, you are of course completely free to login and add your own content if you wish

What happens if I get an enquiry on Facebook or Twitter?

If a customer asks about a specific service we’ll direct them to your usual means of communication, whether that’s a telephone number or an email address. Tell us how you prefer to receive your enquiries, and we’ll direct customers that way

What will you post/Tweet about?

As well as your products and services we’ll use information from your website along with a range of optional content such as industry news, humour, inspirational ideas and quotes, interesting facts and local information as per your requirements. The content is tailored to you.

For more information call us on 01767 626 398 or email us at sales@dentalmarketingexpert.co.uk