Seasonal Promotions

Why You Should Have Seasonal Promotions


Seasonal promotionsHaving a seasonal promotions is what we would call a bit of a no-brainer really when you think of it isn't it? Every year we know that the various religious festivals etc. are coming and they make a huge difference to people's buying habits.

This is the ideal time to get your seasonal promotions out and they can be aimed at any group or season. Some businesses do 90% of their annual turnover in the two months running up to Christmas. Most retail outlets do a third of their annual business in the four weeks before Christmas.

On a lesser scale the same can be said for Easter, Valentines, and any or all of the other faith seasons. Because you are a dentist doesn't mean you can't benefit from season promotions too.


Whitening is a great gift for people to either have themselves or give to their loved ones. Christmas and Valentines are great times for this seasonal promotion. You can have a slogan that says something like "Guarantee A White Christmas This Year With Our Teeth Whitening Offer".

The reason that seasonal promotions are so successful is that they are topical. You know exactly when they are going to happen every year.

January Sales & Black Friday

The January sales are also a great time to have seasonal promotions. You should already be planning what you are going to offer this January in your practice.

The great thing about January sales is that you can make offers on just about everything you provide because people expect a deal in January.

Of course the new kid on the block (in the UK) are the Black Friday deals. These are offered for the last Friday in November, but most retailers carry this on for another week or so.

So why don't you have an irresistible seasonal promotion for Black Friday too, then have something similar in January.

The thing you have to do is to ensure that people know about it. You need a landing page on your website, you need to publish details on your social media pages.

Promoting your offers

Get your Google Adwords and Facebook advertising cranked up ready to start before these seasonal events. You will be amazed how much additional business you can generate by having a seasonal promotion in place and ready for these annual events.

Don't think that because you are a dentist this is vulgar or beneath you. The public are always looking for a deal and will welcome any of these type of seasonal promotions with open arms.

It's not even the particular offer you make, it's all about making sure that people know about them and publicising them accordingly. If no one knows about your offer it's pretty useless.

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