How To Plan Your Website

How To Plan Your Website

Your website needs careful planning just as everything else that is important does, this article will hopefully give you some tips on how to plan your website.

The first thing you need to think of when you plan your website is the URL (Uniform Resource Locator). This is effectively the address of your website. If possible try and have your location and name in the URL e.g. "Ickwell Dental Practice" which would be

Equally you can have a .com name, there is no benefit really in either but if you take the domain, try and make sure you also own the .com version too, just in case a competitor tries to take it.

Once you have your domain you need to think about your website pages. When you plan your website you are effectively planning the website pages.

If you take anything from this article remember this. Every page on your website should have a purpose! So when you plan your website, think about what purpose that page you are spending so much time on is going to do for you.

We design and build many websites for dental practices and many clients add lots of pages for no reason whatsoever. The ideal website needs no more than 20 pages.

So when you plan your website, here are the pages you need, anything else is basically a waste of time.

  1. You need a home page, this isn't as important as everyone thinks but it's a place to start, ideally most people will never see this as they are going to go to the page they want.
  2. You also need a contact us page with a map and all your contact details.
  3. You need an about us page (more for the GDC than anything else). It should have details of all members of staff and if applicable their GDC numbers.
  4. You need a blog, this is incredibly important
  5. You need an offers page for all your special offers.
  6. You then need a separate page for each of your treatments, however many you offer. Do not put them all on a single page this is a huge mistake. I would be inclined to only highlight your private specialities such as straightening, whitening, implants, sedation etc. etc.

That's about it for content so when you plan your website, use these items as a minimum, as I said earlier, anything else is just a waste of time. nobody will visit them.

Ensure that every page has your key words in them, so start planning your key words immediately when you start planning your website.

You need to have video on all your treatment pages, ideally this video should be on your YouTube channel and linked to the site. This will boost your rankings substantially.

Your blog is equally important, don't think for a minute that everyone who visits your site will read your blog, but the search engines will note that you post regularly, just as I am doing now.

Make sure you have lots of links into your site from your Social Media channels, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube etc. etc.

Social Media links are also crucial to your Google rankings too, you can't have enough of these.

Ensure that all your photographs on your site have captions and are also optimised for the search engines.

If you follow these simple guidelines you won't go too far wrong.

If you need more information about planning your website, call me on 01767 626 398. Or email me at or visit the website or even visit our FACEBOOK page.

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