Marketing Your Dental Practice

Marketing Your Dental Practice

marketing your dental practiceMarketing your dental practice is looked upon by many practitioners as a cost they could do without! Well if your books are full and you don't need any more patients that may well be the case.

However most of the dental practices I speak to are not in that position. Most would love a new steady flow of new patients every day. Well if you'd rather have this then marketing your dental practice is essential.

If marketing your dental practice is not something you want to do yourself. You need to get a professional in who will do this for you e.g. somebody like me.

If you are good at marketing your dental practice you can quite literally turn the flow of new patients on and off at will. So how do you do this.

Google Adwords

Without doubt the best way of marketing your dental practice is via Google Adwords. I have clients who are regularly getting a 1,000% return on investment from Google Adwords. Here's how.

  1. Work our what the average value of a new patient is to you e.g. £500.00 per year.
  2. What is the margin on this e.g. £250.00
  3. How many new patients per month do you want to achieve your goal e.g. £5,000 per month. This means you need 20 new patients per month.
  4. In order to get 20 new patients per month via Google Adwords you will need to get around 400 clicks per month (with the right ads and landing pages).
  5. Assume the cost per click is £1.00. This means you will need to spend £400.00 per month to get £5,000 of new patients

Sounds easy doesn't it and if you know what you are doing it is. If you know how to set it up. Use the right key words. Have the right landing pages you can and indeed should achieve this.

However if you just go into this blind you will without doubt give Google lots of money for very little gain and marketing your dental practice will become very difficult.

If you need to know more about marketing your dental practice and Google Adwords. Call me on 01767 626 398. Email me at Visit my website Visit my Facebook and Twitter pages.

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