Marketing For Dentists Why You Should Start Doing It Now

Marketing For Dentists

marketing for dentistsMarketing for dentists seems to be something of an issue with most of the practices I meet. Most dentists still see marketing for dentists as a cost not an investment.

Take a recent meeting I had with an implant dentist in North London. He told me that he wanted to increase the number of dental implants he was doing. I asked how many he currently did he told me on average two per month.

Since I was trying to ascertain how marketing for dentists would work at his practice. I asked him what the profit margin on a dental implant was, he told me approximately £1,500 per implant.

We then looked at the best format of marketing for dentists that would work for him and I recommended Google Adwords. I suggested a spend of approximately £500.00 per month, which in my experience would bring him around 4-5 implants per month.

Profit on implants

So you do the maths. 4-5 implants at a profit of £1,500 per implant gives you £6,000 per month or £72,000 per year. You would think that this is a no brainer. But no he is still "thinking about it".

We only have to get him one implant per month to make this worthwhile and he is still procrastinating about spending £500 per month. This is because he still can't get his head around the fact that marketing for dentists is an investment not a cost.

I can't think of a single other investment he could make that would deliver him a return like this, but he is focussing on this £500 per month. It is ludicrous.

It's the same with search engine optimisation. If your website is not on page one of Google you may as well be on page 1,000. Or not even bother with a website. But the thought of spending £200 per month to get your site onto page one of Google for ten key words is to much for most dentists.

So all you have to do is be a little brave and grasp the marketing for dentists challenge and I guarantee you will out sell your rivals and usually get a 1,000% return on investment.

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