Is Your Website Mobile Ready

Why Your Website Has To Be Mobile Ready

mobile readyYou may be thinking here he goes again, banging on about your website being mobile ready and you'd be right. But it is now critical that you take action and ensure that your site is mobile ready.

I recently met a dentist who has spend £46,000 over the last three years on Google Adwords. Over the last two years he has seen a drastic decline in conversions (new patients).

He called men and asked me to look at his Google Adwords campaign and tell him what he was doing wrong. I won't go into the technicalities of what was right and wrong with his Google Adwords campaign, it was the fact his website wasn't mobile ready that was the biggest problem.

For every prospective patients that visited his site, 60% of them came via a mobile phone. 20% came via a desktop and 20% came via tablets.

This meant that 60% of the £46,000 he has spent on Google Adwords was wasted simply because his site wasn't mobile ready, let me put that into cash figures for you £27,600!

This was a very extreme example of why your site has to be mobile ready. But it's just as important if you're not spending with Google too. In 2015 Google announced a major update on their search criteria.

Effectively if your site is not mobile ready you will not show up when people search for your on a mobile device.

But let's assume that someone has actually managed to find our website. If it's not mobile ready they will have to squeeze and expand it, in order to read what's there. So they will just leave.

When you search on a mobile phone, you are never as engaged as when you search on desktops or laptops. If you sit in front of a desktop you are normally very focussed. The opposite is true on mobiles.

You will inevitably be doing something else e.g. watching TV, cooking dinner, sat in a restaurant, on a bus etc. etc. Which means you are easily distracted.

You will also have little or no patience, so you'll want to see everything immediately. If you want to contact the company you are searching, you simply want to click the phone number and it should ring.

This is the way you have to set up your website. Everything has changed and continues to change. Being mobile ready will put you in front of your competition. It will give you a huge advantage over those practices who's sites are not mobile ready (approximately 50% of all websites).

The figures I am quoting now will almost certainly be higher by the end of this year. We expect that by the end of 2017 70%+ of all search will be on mobile phones. If you're not mobile ready, this will affect your practice significantly.

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