Increase Your Facebook Likes Without Paying Facebook

Increase Your Facebook Likes

Facebook likesGetting patients and potential patients you "like" your page has always been difficult. So how can you increase your Facebook likes without paying Facebook?

Well there are the obvious methods, such as having a sign or two in your practice with the Facebook logo on it and say "please like us on Facebook".

You can ask your receptionist to remind your patients that you have a Facebook page. Ask if they would "like" you the next time they are on-line. There is also another more discreet way to increase your Facebook likes. This is how you do it, it's very simple really.

Getting Likes

First of all find all the companies who sell goods and services to the public in your area. So long as these companies don't compete with you it can quite literally be anyone. For instance it could be the local cafe, florist, gym, beauty spa, local clubs like cricket clubs, football clubs etc. etc. The more people who like their pages the better for you.

They need to be in the same catchment areas as you, because you want to attract the same people, who are likely to become your patients.

Then go onto their business page as your business page (not your personal profile) and "like" their page. Ideally you want to be liking pages that have as many likes as possible, so go for the bigger ones first.

You will then start to see their posts in your timeline and this is where the magic starts.

All you need to do is comment on their posts. Always ensure that you don't ever advertise, and always be complimentary about their post. Try and make your comment as topical as possible. For instance don't just say you agree, or say that's nice etc. You need to look as though you really are empathising and have read their posts

This will increase your Facebook likes simply because whenever you put a comment about their post you are immediately being put in front of all the people who have "liked" their page too.

As well as this the company that you are being complimentary to will see this and will hopefully like you back. This gives you even more reach and stature in the local community.

Just a few minutes per day

Doing this every day will only take you a few minutes. It will increase your Facebook likes quicker than any other way, with the exception of paying Facebook to do it for you.

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