How To Design Your Website

How To Design Your Website

Whenever I ask a prospective client "does your website work for you?" they inevitably answer "well my friends and colleagues say the site looks nice". This doesn't mean that it is working for you. A site that is working for you will be generating patients on an ongoing basis, this is why you have to know how to design your website.

how to design your website

Having a sliding picture on your home page like the one on the left is probably the worst thing you can do, it achieves absolutely nothing, everyone visiting your website will ignore it and the photographs means nothing to anyone. If you have one of these on your home page (or any page actually) get rid of it.

If you have a large area at the top of your website with your logo etc., reduce it, nobody will notice your logo and nobody cares about it (other than you). The only thing that is really important to have at the top of your page is your telephone number (which should be clickable), an email address (again needs to be clickable) and if you have online booking have a button so that people can book online. These are fundamental in how to design your website.

how to design your website

The single most important item you should have on your web pages is a headline (not your practice name). But a headline that stands out and tells the visitor exactly what this page is about e.g. "How Dental Implants Can Help You" "How To Straighten Your Teeth Without Metal Braces". This is what the visitor will have searched for, so give them what they want.

The next thing you must have on your pages a video, a website without video is just not going to work. A video is the single biggest thing that will keep someone on your page decreasing your bounce rate. Bounce rate is when people come to your website and simply bounce away again without taking any action. Having a video reduces this by up to 90%. Incidentally don't put a video from one of your suppliers here, they don't work either.

If you look at the screen shot (above right) you'll see a strong headline with a video directly below it, this is what get's and keep's people's interest and is crucial in how to design your website.

The next thing to have on your page is an "autoresponder" this does what it says on the tin, if someone leaves a message on your site it will automatically respond to them and continue to send them emails over a set period of time.

But the biggest mistake that people make when thinking about how to design your website is concentrating on the desktop version rather than the mobile version. 70% of all the traffic to your website will come from mobile devices (not desktop). So don't spend hours on the different colours and photographs on your desktop site, because the vast majority of people will never see that version. Ensure that you concentrate on the mobile version above all else.

Go and have a look at this page on my site, it is exactly what your pages should look and feel likeĀ

If you would like more information on how to design your website call me on 01767 626 398 or email me at of visit the website or visit our Facebook page.

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