Holiday Silly Season

Holiday Silly Season

Don't Waste The Holiday Silly Season

Holiday Silly SeasonSo summer is now upon us and we're entering what many people in business refer to as the holiday silly season, as nobody really does much of anything because of the holidays.

It used to be that Christmas consisted of two days, we had two days at Easter and the odd bank holiday through the year. Whilst the kids had a six week school holiday this didn't mean that things changed much for we business people.

That now has all changed, effectively business all but grinds to a halt the second week of July (about now) to the second week of September because of the summer holidays.

The same happens at Christmas, you can pretty much write off from the 20th December to the second week in January as people just aren't interested in doing the normal stuff, as holiday silly season has kicked in.

Most families only take a maximum of two weeks holiday in the summer, but the problem is that when you add all your staff's holiday entitlement together, it pretty much takes up the whole of August, the end of July and the beginning of September.

So why not use these periods to do something useful and really make the holiday silly season productive?

Make holiday silly season productive

These slow times are exactly the right time to get you marketing strategy and tactics into place. For instance if you need a new Mobile responsive website (if you don't have one get one now). This is the ideal time to do it as you have extra time.

If you want to get an app set up for your practice, again this is the time to do it. Even planning your Google, Facebook and SEO strategies this is now the time to do it.

Just remember when the silly season ends and everyone gets back to normal in September you won't have the time to devote to these activities.

Mobile Responsive website

Let's just have a think about why you should spend time now ensuring that your website is mobile responsive. I keep on going on about this, but 60% of all search is now done on a mobile device. Google have changed their search rules and if your website isn't mobile responsive you won't rank.

So you could be doing all sorts of great things to get your website up Google's rankings, but if it isn't mobile responsive you'll miss out on 60% of all search, which puts things into perspective doesn't it.

You also have to pray that your website is ranking for the 40% of desktop search which isn't a done deal either. It is reasonably likely that if your site was on the front page of Google a year ago, with the new changes it is highly likely it is now on page two or three if you're not mobile responsive. This means that you may as well not have a website at all.

So why don't you use this holiday silly season to check you website and if it isn't mobile responsive get it done, we can do this for you for around £250.00 + VAT. Equally this is a great time to get your mobile app up and running too, we create these for just £200.00 + VAT

For more information on how you can make the holiday silly season into the most productive time of the year, call me on 01767 626 398 or email me at or visit my Facebook page

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