Google Adwords Management and Your Practice

Google Adwords For Dentists

Google AdwordsGoogle Adwords is without doubt one of the most effective weapons you can deploy to increase the number of patients to your practice and in doing so increase your revenues and profits.

Unfortunately there is a but which you need to be aware of. If you don't know what you are doing you can waste a huge amount of time and money on Google Adwords with little or no return.

I am returning some of my clients a 1000% return on investment just through Google Adwords. The reason I can do this is that I constantly update the keywords, ads, negative keywords and demographics.

Being at the top is essential

Sounds obvious but did you know that you are ten times more likely to have someone click on your advert if you are at the top of the search rather than the bottom! It is essential that you are at the top and most people think this is just down to how much you pay for your ads (not true).

Google Adwords is based not only on how much you are prepared to bid for your ads but also on a "quality score". Effectively Google rewards you for being good at Google Adwords and discriminates against those who aren't.

You have to have the correct mix of key words, adverts, call outs, and probably the one that everyone forgets about is the landing page you are sending people to. They all have to work in sync with each other.

If one of these elements is not strong Google will mark you further down the pecking order for an advertiser who gets it all right, however much you are prepared to bid for your adverts.

60-70% of all the traffic coming to your website will come from mobile phones rather than desktops and because of this it's essential that you advertise with Google Adwords. Simply because most people on a mobile don't go beyond the first three of four listings on a search.

This is in sharp contrast to people looking for you on a desktop who are prepared to look a little further down the list.

So if you want to increase your patient numbers, revenues and profits, you need to use Google Adwords. If you're not sure what to do call me on 01767 626 398. Email me at Visit my website at See my Facebook or Twitter pages.


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