Google Adwords For Dentists

How To Use Google Adwords For Dentists

Google Adwords for dentistsI was recently called by a prospective customer who asked me to cast an eye over his Google Adwords account. Can you imaging the shock I felt when I saw that over three years he had paid Google £46,000! So is Google Adwords For Dentists a good thing?

Yes I would always recommend Google Adwords for dentists as without doubt it is the best way to advertise your services bar none. But beware you can also waste thousands of pounds just as this person had.

With the possible exception of the Yellow Pages (remember that), Google Adwords is the only advertising system whereby people come looking for you rather than you look for them.

With all other advertising you are interrupting them, whether it be press, TV, radio, Facebook, posters the list goes on.

Google Adwords for dentists or any other organisation is different. Your advert is only shown when someone enters one of your key words e.g. dentist in your town or area.

That's the power of Google Adwords for dentists however if you get it wrong (which this person had) you can quite literally throw money down the drain.

Remember The Mobile Effect

60-70% of all visitors to your website will arrive on a mobile phone. If your site isn't mobile ready its a wasted journey. This was the case for him. Thousands and thousands of people had clicked on his advert, came to his site. Only to leave again without doing anything because his site wasn't mobile ready.

Search and Display advertising

He had also mixed his search advertising (this is where people search for something and your paid for listing pops up). With display advertising (this is where your ad appears on other websites e.g. eBay or The Daily Mail).

This meant he had no idea whether his ads were working, which key words were right or wrong and he just spent thousands of wasted pounds on nothing.

So how should you use Google Adwords for dentists? Firstly don't do it yourself, get an expert to do it. This will save you potentially thousands of pounds and he/she will get you a return on investment.

If you must do it you need to test, test and test again. See what works and if it does do more of it. If it doesn't change it until you see an improvement.

Ensure that you are diligent when checking both your key words and your negative key words (negative key words are phrases and words you don't want people to search for you with).

Always have competing adverts for the same service, so you can see what is working best and keep changing them, slowly improving your click through rate.

Have separate display and search campaigns. Again you need to be able to see what is happening and what works and what doesn't.

If you really are serious about using Google Adwords for dentists call me and I will give you impartial advice. Or I can run your campaign for you for a small monthly fee.

So why don't you give me a ring on 01767 626 398. Or email me at You can visit our Facebook and Twitter pages. Or visit our website at

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