Free Marketing For Your Dental Practice

Free Marketing For Your Dental Practice

free marketing

Neil Sanderson Dental Marketing Expert

Free marketing! Is there such a thing you might ask? Well the answer is most definitely yes, we just it referrals and if you are pro-active at getting them it can quite literally be your biggest source of new patients and it's free marketing too.

You don't need me to tell you that patients who are referred to you are without doubt the best you get, they tend to spend more money with you and they are more loyal.

Referrals aren't just about people casually mentioning to their friends and family that they use you. You have to have an active referral programme or process in place and if you do, it will pay dividends and as I said its free marketing.

If you use social media you already know how powerful this can be. But one of the most powerful ways to use social media is to get your patients to do this for you.

Lets assume that you do some good work for a patient and they are really happy about it. Why don't you simply ask them to recommend you on their Facebook or Twitter pages, it is incredibly powerful free marketing.

The average person on Facebook has between 50 and 150 friends, so let's be prudent and assume they only have 50.

If you can get just ten patients per month to refer you on Facebook, that's 500 referrals per month, the same applies to Twitter.

If only 10% of these people call you, it means that you will receive 50 new patient calls per month, and if only 10% of these calls turn into new patients it's five new patients per month all for free.

The average new patient spends around £700 in their first year, this means that those patients could be generating £3,500 of revenue and all you did was ask your patients to refer you on Facebook.

But let's be a little more generous, maybe 25% of those patients would call you, giving you 125 new patients calls and 12 new patients, its all free marketing working for you as a process.

It will only take your patients a couple of minutes to send out a post on Facebook, they can even do it on their mobile phone whilst they are still in the practice.

If you are really savvy you can offer your patients a reward for getting you a certain number of  new patients e.g. a John Lewis or M&S voucher etc. (although then I guess it isn't free marketing).

Why don't you give it a try and see how you do.

If you would like to know more about how you can get more patients into your practice call me on 01767 626 398 or email me at or visit our website at or visit our Facebook page.

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