Dentist Websites What Makes Them Work?

Dentist Websites Getting Them To Work For You

dentist websitesJust about every dentist I speak to when it comes to dentist websites get's it wrong. They are obsessed about how it looks and will it portray how my practice looks etc. etc.

The reason this is all wrong is that unless you are running a pig sty of a practice, everyone will assume that you run a quality, clean, hygienic practice with the highest of standards.

Dentist websites are there for one reason and that is to attract new patients. If you think that yours is different think again.

So with this in mind you need to think about how you surf the web especially when you are on your mobile phone.

Here's how most people look something up.

  1. They put in a key word something like Dentist in (your area)
  2. Then they wait for the results and then click on the listing that resonates with them
  3. They then come to the website and see what it has

At this point they are not looking for beautiful graphics. They are not looking for photographs of your surgeries or even you. They are looking for what's in it for them.

Most dentist websites don't offer this and the one's that do out perform the rest by around 1,000%.

What you need is a large headline with a benefit for the viewer e.g. Free examination for new patients or half price hygiene for new patients. This is what will make them look further.

You then need a video on the home page telling them about why they should come to you and not the practice down the road.

Finally your contact details should be all over the site making is very, vey easy for the viewer to contact you. This is crucial.

If you do all these things to your website you should see an improvement in the number of conversions you receive.

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