Dentist Websites Is Yours GDC Compliant?

Dentist Websites

dentist websitesDentist Websites are they any different to any other website?

As you would expect basically the answer is no. unless you are looking at e-commerce website where businesses are selling directly from the site as most (if not all) dentist websites don't have this facility.

The main difference with dentist websites is that they are regulated by the GDC which of course most websites aren't.

GDC Compliance

There are certain things you have to ensure compliance with dentist websites, they are as follows:

  1. The name and geographical address at which the dental services is established, together with the contact details of the dental service is including email address and telephone number.
  2. Details of the individual's professional qualifications and the country from which the qualification is derived.
  3. Individual GCD registration numbers.
  4. A link to the GDC website.
  5. Details of the practice's complaints procedure and information of who patients may contact if they are not satisfied with the response.
  6. The date the website was last updated

The General Dental Council updated their guidelines back in 2012 which brought their standards into line with European guidance. This ensured that advertising by dentists is clear and never misleading to the public.

Other than that dentist websites are pretty much the same as any other website.

Just make sure that your dentist website is mobile responsive (not to be confused with mobile friendly). To do this ensure that you can be contacted easily by someone from a mobile phone.

Make sure you have some relevant video on the site. Especially the treatment pages where you want prospective patients to spend more time and contact you from.

You also should have some specific landing pages with special offers to encourage people to contact you too.

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