Your Dental Website What Makes It Readable

Your Dental Website make it readable

Strange headline really isn't it "Your Dental Website make it readable", you'd think it obvious, but I suspect that your dental website has quite a few of these don't do's.

It's all about creating something that people will read rather than something that you want to talk about.

I review many websites and the thing that strikes me more than anything is that most dental practices use far too many technical terms, that the average person simply doesn't understand. So my first piece of advice to you is use plain English throughout your dental website.

So let's now assume that your using words that people will understand on your dental website, your now need to think about what type of reader you're addressing.

There are basically three different types of readers.

  1. The scanner, these people scan very quickly and don't go into detail.
  2. The scanner and photo person, these people scan and also look at photographs and captions.
  3. The intense reader, these people read every work on a page, sometimes they read them twice, so you need to arrange your web pages so you cover all the bases.

The first thing you need to do is have a powerful headline, something that will grab their attention. We have all been programmed to look for headlines and react accordingly, just think about the way you read your newspaper.

If you are promoting home whitening on your dental website for instance, have something like "Professional Whitening In Your Own Home" something like this immediately grabs the attention.

Sub Headings

You then need to think about sub-headings on your dental website, just remember the types of people who read your pages, the scanner will jump to sub-headings, just like the one I've used here.

So if we are staying with the whitening theme a sub-heading could be "Only Precision Trays Used" again this stands out and gives you integrity.


I have no doubt that you have lots of photographs on your dental website, but how many of them have a caption. This is incredibly important. Effectively having a photograph on your site without a caption is a waste of valuable space.

Photographs by themselves do not sell, so for instance if you are going to show a photograph of a whitening tray use something like this:-


As you can see we are using a photograph of a whitening tray and with the caption it makes sense, but just think about how effective it would be if we simply used the photograph without a caption, it would be meaningless.



Key Points

A great trick for getting your key information across to your audience to is highlight them with a bold face just as I've done here, again your scanner will jump to these areas whist your in-depth reader will read anyway


Another way to get your readers attention is to use bullet points, these are invaluable for getting your key points across, just as I've done earlier, incidentally bullets can be numbers, letters or just bullets.


The basic rule of a web page is to use a sans serif font such as Helvetica or Arial, on the other hand if your are creating a printed page serif fonts are better such as Times.

Never ever use white on black, always use a dark coloured text on a white or pale background on your dental website.

Just as we have been trained to look for headlines, we have all learnt to read dark (usually black) type on a white background.

If you follow these guidelines you shouldn't go far wrong and you'll see an improvement on your website conversions.

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