Dental Practice Marketing

The Skill Needed For Dental Practice Marketing

dental practice marketingDental practice marketing is really no different to any other vertical industry marketing. However if you employ a marketing company that specialises in marketing dental practices at least they can talk the same language as you.

For instance Dental Marketing Expert is a dental practice marketing company exclusively. We know that when you say you want to advertise All On Four we don't have to ask you what that is. We just know.

Equally whatever type of straightening you offer, you don't have to explain to us what to do for your dental practice marketing.

Website design is one of the areas that this is most important. There are literally thousands of website design company's around the world who can build you a website. But how much time and effort do you want to devote to providing the correct content.

Dental Marketing Expert provides all the content for your website with the exception of your personal details and GDC numbers etc.

Which brings me onto another subject. Does your website developer actually know what being GDC compliant entails? Dental Marketing Expert does. All our sites are automatically GDC compliant.

Equally when providing your dental practice marketing to acquire new patients. We know which key words to use with Google Adwords and Search Engine Optimisation. Does a normal agency know which key words to use to attract new patients?

Facebook advertising is one of the most effective advertising mediums. But you need to know what ticks the boxes of the audience to attract new patients, does a traditional advertising agency know this? I would suggest not.

I have been working in and with the dental profession since 1993 and I have seen just about everything. So yes there is a difference when you are working on your dental practice marketing, look for experience.

If you are looking for help with your dental practice marketing call me on 01767 626 398. Visit my website at Email me at Visit my Facebook and Twitter pages.

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