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Online Video To Generate More Patients


online videoSo why does online video generate more patients? Quite simply it is about engagement.

You need to be acutely aware that the majority of your website visitors will now come to you via a mobile phone NOT A DESKTOP DEVICE. The average split is now 60% mobile and 40% for all the rest including tablets and desktop.

Mobile visitors are much more fickle and likely to leave your site simply because they are probably doing something else too e.g. watching TV, eating, on a bus etc. etc. You have to get their attention immediately when they arrive at your site and online video does this better than just about anything else.

Online video statistics

Here are some interesting statistics you should think about when you are building or re-building your website.

  1. Only 20% of visitors read the text on your website, whereas 80% will watch your video
  2. The retention rate (keeping them on your site) is 65% for online video, compared to only 10% for text.
  3. Visitors who watch your online video stay for two minutes longer than average and are 64% more likely to take action e.g. book an appointment.
  4. Google will increase your rankings if you have relevant video on your site.
  5. 73% of visitors to web sites say that online video explains what is on offer better than anything else.

Online video just makes sense in the new mobile world. When you land on a website via your mobile phone you want to see something immediately. That doesn't mean you want to see a sliding graphic going across the screen which seems to be the norm for most dental practice websites.

There are two things that grab and hold your attention on a site when you visit via your phone (a) the headline and (b) the video which should be just below it. I'll cover headlines in a couple of weeks.

What's the best type of online video?

So what video should you put on your dental practice website. Well the video you shouldn't have are the promotional one's you get from your suppliers. You need to tell people exactly what you can do for them and how you can help them.

People are not interested you or your suppliers. They are interested in what's in it for them and you must put this thought to the fore when you create your online video and website.

I have found that the best video is animated explainer online video or scribble video. Go to my website via this link and see what one looks like.

The reason they work so well is that they immediately grab and then keep your attention. People are waiting to see what comes next. But best of all they work just as well without sound as they do with. This is crucial when people are viewing on a mobile as it's highly likely they won't have the sound enabled.

So if you don't have online video on your website now, ensure that you get one for each treatment you offer and one for your home page. We provide this service, so give me a call.

For more information on online video call me today on 01767 626 398. Email me at Visit my website at or see our Facebook or Twitter pages.

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What is an Explainer Video

scribble videoJust what is it about an explainer video that attracts people's attention when they come to your page and keeps them there?

I think that most of you are aware that you simply have to have video on your website in order for it to be successful. Without it your site, or the pages on your site are just like everyone else which is not good.

Some dental practices put video of themselves speaking to the camera. Better still some have their patients speaking to the camera. Some have a camera roam around the practice.

These video's are excellent and if the person who is visiting the practice has sound on their computer. I would always recommend this type of video if you have nothing else.

The mobile phone issue

The big problem is that 60% of the people visiting your website will do so on a mobile phone. As you've probably noticed, most people don't have headphones on whilst looking at their phone. This means they almost certainly can't hear what is being said.

For those 15-20% of visitors who will come from a tablet, some will have the sound turned on others won't it really depends on where they are looking at your website.

It's highly likely that the remaining 20-25% of visitors who visit from a desktop or laptop computer almost certainly are at work. They will almost certainly have the sound turned off or even don't have sound at all.

So this is the problem with a video where you or your patients are speaking and this is also why an explainer video is perfect.

See below an example of an explainer or scribble video, this is one that we have produced and we can produce them for you if required.

explainer video

Click Image Above To Watch Video


An explainer video grabs the viewers attention whether or not they have sound. It gets your message across succinctly and simply, by using graphics and text.

What does and explainer video look like?

The video looks like someone is hand writing and drawing on a white board or sometimes a blackboard. This is the magic of an explainer video, the viewer is never quite sure what is going to come up next so continues to watch.

In recent studies, 80% of people who start to watch an explainer video will watch the whole video. This is quite astounding when you think that most will do this via a mobile phone.

If you visit my site You will see that I have an explainer video on every page of the site. I do actually practice what I preach.

The optimism time for an explainer video is between 30 seconds and a minute. Remember you must put your contact details at the end of the video so that your visitor can take the next step to becoming a patient.

For more information on how an explainer video can help your dental practice. Call me on 01767 626 398. Email me at Visit the website at Or visit our Facebook page or our Twitter page.






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Scribble Video



scribble videoFor those of you that don't actually know what a scribble video is, please follow this link to my Vimeo site and have a look at this one. Click on this link Smile Makeover don't pay too much notice to the content just how these work.

So why is scribble video so powerful as opposed for instance to a video of you or one of your patients telling people why they should use your services.

The first and most important reason is sound. Yes if someone doesn't have the sound turned up on their mobile or their desktop computer they can't hear what is being said by either you or your patients.

I first noticed this problem whilst I was with one of my customers in his surgery. We logged into my website and there was me on the home page talking about how Dental Marketing Expert can help you with your marketing.

The problem was that because this was a computer in a surgery, you couldn't hear what I was saying, so I effectively looked like a gold fish, with my mouth moving and nothing coming out.

Whilst we can narrate a scribble video and we normally have music in the background, it doesn't matter if they can't hear anything because everything is visual.

People are compelled to look at what is being written on the white board and see what we are going to draw next. Research has shown that 70% of the people who start to watch a scribble video actually watch it right to the end, simply because it catches and then keeps their attention.

But why have a scribble video, or any video on your website at all? It's all to do with engaging your website visitor. 60-70% of all web traffic is now coming from mobile devices which means that people are even more likely to be distracted than ever.

A scribble video which starts automatically will immediately grab their attention and then keep their attention, this is exactly what you want for two reasons:

  1. You want people to stay on your site for as long as possible because the longer they stay on the site the more likely they are to engage with you or book an appointment.
  2. The length of time people stay on your site, affects your Google ranking. Effectively if people come to your site and immediately leave (this is called bounce rate), Google sees this as a bad thing and lowers your rankings. If on the other hand Google sees people coming to your site and staying it will move up the rankings.

This then has a knock on effect, the higher you are up the Google rankings, the more people come to your site, the more people that come to your site, the more they see the video etc. etc.

Putting scribble video onto your website is incredibly easy and we can provide this service for you if you wish.

For more information about scribble video or any marketing for your website, call me on 01767 626 398 or email me at, or you can visit the website at or you can visit our Facebook page.

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Your Dental Website make it readable

Strange headline really isn't it "Your Dental Website make it readable", you'd think it obvious, but I suspect that your dental website has quite a few of these don't do's.

It's all about creating something that people will read rather than something that you want to talk about.

I review many websites and the thing that strikes me more than anything is that most dental practices use far too many technical terms, that the average person simply doesn't understand. So my first piece of advice to you is use plain English throughout your dental website.

So let's now assume that your using words that people will understand on your dental website, your now need to think about what type of reader you're addressing.

There are basically three different types of readers.

  1. The scanner, these people scan very quickly and don't go into detail.
  2. The scanner and photo person, these people scan and also look at photographs and captions.
  3. The intense reader, these people read every work on a page, sometimes they read them twice, so you need to arrange your web pages so you cover all the bases.

The first thing you need to do is have a powerful headline, something that will grab their attention. We have all been programmed to look for headlines and react accordingly, just think about the way you read your newspaper.

If you are promoting home whitening on your dental website for instance, have something like "Professional Whitening In Your Own Home" something like this immediately grabs the attention.

Sub Headings

You then need to think about sub-headings on your dental website, just remember the types of people who read your pages, the scanner will jump to sub-headings, just like the one I've used here.

So if we are staying with the whitening theme a sub-heading could be "Only Precision Trays Used" again this stands out and gives you integrity.


I have no doubt that you have lots of photographs on your dental website, but how many of them have a caption. This is incredibly important. Effectively having a photograph on your site without a caption is a waste of valuable space.

Photographs by themselves do not sell, so for instance if you are going to show a photograph of a whitening tray use something like this:-


As you can see we are using a photograph of a whitening tray and with the caption it makes sense, but just think about how effective it would be if we simply used the photograph without a caption, it would be meaningless.



Key Points

A great trick for getting your key information across to your audience to is highlight them with a bold face just as I've done here, again your scanner will jump to these areas whist your in-depth reader will read anyway


Another way to get your readers attention is to use bullet points, these are invaluable for getting your key points across, just as I've done earlier, incidentally bullets can be numbers, letters or just bullets.


The basic rule of a web page is to use a sans serif font such as Helvetica or Arial, on the other hand if your are creating a printed page serif fonts are better such as Times.

Never ever use white on black, always use a dark coloured text on a white or pale background on your dental website.

Just as we have been trained to look for headlines, we have all learnt to read dark (usually black) type on a white background.

If you follow these guidelines you shouldn't go far wrong and you'll see an improvement on your website conversions.

If you would like help with your website design or you'd like us to quote you for your dental website, call us on 01767 626 398 or email me at or visit the website you can also view our Facebook page too


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The Power Of Video Can't Be Exagerated

On Sunday I was despatched by the present Mrs. Sanderson to the local garden centre to buy a Poinsettia for the festive season, which I duly did, but I also managed to returned with a product called Greased Lightening Showroom Shine and a rubber broom all due the to power of video.

Let me explain why the power of video is... well so powerful. The first product Greased Lightening Showroom Shine is an amazing product that enables you to clean and polish your car without any water and yes it does work, however I am the type of bloke that normally asks one of the East European car cleaners to clean my car when I'm despatched to the supermarket and they do a fantastic job for just £6.00.

Greased Lightening Showroom Shine cost me £16.00 and I still had to clean the car myself. So why did I make such a stupid purchase? Because I was wandering around the garden centre, not really thinking about anything other than the Poinsettia when I saw a video of this product. The product showed you how we all spend forever with a hose, washing the car, then drying it, then polishing etc. etc.

I watched the video and though I have to give this stuff a go, even though I never wash the car myself. Not only did I buy the product for £16.00 I also bought some clothes to go with it for another £7.00, all because of the power of video, if there hadn't been a video I would never have bought it.

But the power of video hadn't finished with me yet, two minutes later I stopped and watched another video about a product called The Rubber Broom from Neat Ideas. Well if you thought my previous purchase was stupid this gets even better. The power of video worked overtime here.

I'm almost to embarrassed to tell you this but, I bought the rubber broom because one of the things you can do with it, is scrape the water and soap suds off your car windscreen when you are washing it!!

So I bought a product that will clean your car without any water and then bought a rubber broom, which amongst a myriad of other things scrapes the water off your windscreen, which I don't have because of the Greased Lightening product.

I ended up spending £30.00 on products which in all probability will be put into the shed and never be used again all because I watched two videos.

As I was cleaning my car without any water, I thought this just shows you the power of video and why you should have it in your reception.

Your patients are sat in your reception every day, with nothing else to do, other than stare at their mobile phone, read a magazine or watch your TV, which is why it is essential you have your own promotional video playing, not Sky News or BBC News, something like Dental Practice TV which goes well beyond the normal video.

Dental Practice TV not only shows your promotional video which explains to your patients what you can do for them, but also gives them essential information about your practice, advertises your offers, gives them local news and information and also has a national news feed.

So don't delay, contact me today on 01767 626 398 or email me at or visit the website or just view the video Dental Practice TV, You only need to sell one whitening per month to get a positive return on investment.

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Make That TV In Your Reception Work For You

If you have a TV in your reception I can almost guarantee that you're not making the most of it. In my experience most of them are normally switched off, or playing either BBC or Sky News.

That TV in your reception is probably the most powerful media you have to promote your private treatment. Let me explain why.

The vast majority of your patients have absolutely no idea what you can do for them. Here's what most of them know about dentistry. (1) You examine them every six or twelve months, (2) you can stop pain when they have a tooth ache, )3) you fill cavities in their teeth, (4) you give them a scale and polish or they visit the hygienist, you can fit dentures. Just about everything else is a mystery to them.

We recently did a survey for one of my large clients and here are some interesting statistics. Less than half (35%) knew what an implant is. Only 19% knew what a smile makeover was. 50% had no idea how teeth are whitened. Only 30% knew that you could straighten your teeth without metal braces. Only 10% knew what a bridge is.

We ran this survey in a practice that is approximately 50/50 NHS and private, where the owner wants to increase his private work.

When you think about it, we shouldn't really be surprised at these results, because why would the general public know anything about the different types of cosmetic dentistry you provide.

The only time they really get to hear about this type of treatment is if they ask in the practice isn't it?

This creates a huge problem for you as a practitioner, because unlike other providers of high value items such as kitchens, cars, holidays etc. etc. They don't know what to ask for, you have to tell them.

So herre's how you can you make that TV in your reception work for you?

We have created two products which are designed specifically to cross this bridge and inform your patients, the first is Dental Practice TV which is an amazing product, which not only shows a bespoke video of the different treatments you offer, but also has promotional ads of your offers, a news feed, practice information such as opening times, who the staff are etc. and local traffic, weather or you Twitter feed. The amazing thing about this product is that we control it from our office and can update any part of it within hours. All you need is a TV and WiFi in your reception.

The second product is The Practice Marketing Suite, this is an incredibly powerful product which includes a bespoke video which we shoot at your practice and involve your staff and patients but we also include animations to highlight the treatment or a fully animated video. But accompanying the video is a high quality brochure and pull-up banners, which will advertise the video and brochures.

Both these products are ultra high quality which reflects the high quality services you offer. They are designed specifically to promote your high value services and increase the sales of them. I can guarantee that both these products will cover there costs many hundreds of times over. In fact I can think of no other product you can buy for your practice that will give you a higher return on investment.

If you would like to know more about either Dental Practice TV or The Practice Marketing Suite, call me on 01767 626 398 or email me at or visit the website


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You already know that personal referral is the best way to get new patients who spend money with you. Video is without the next best way to generate more private treatment for your practice.

Promoting your private treatments to your patients is difficult because of the following:

  1. You don't have the time (often only 10 minutes in the chair).
  2. Patients feel uncomfortable when they are in your chair and are not receptive.
  3. Patients are unaware of the treatment they can benefit from as they don't know it exists
  4. Selling something to patients that they don't understand is almost impossible.

This is where video comes to your rescue. It has two functions

Firstly it is running in your reception area, it attracts your patients attention and informs them just what you can do for them, which means they can then ask you about the treatment.

Secondly it can run on your website, giving prospective patients not only an explanation of how you can help them, but will also have your patients giving you a video testimonial, see a real video we have recently produced for one of our clients below:

Please note that we have included sub-titles in this video because it will be playing in the reception and you don't want to send your staff mad listening to the same sound track over and over again. We cut this into smaller segments which you can then put onto your website such as this video:

So whether it's in your reception area or on your website, video is the ultimate referral tool and also one of the best ways you have to educate your patient about what you can do for them.

Finally one last video to show you just how powerful a referral can be, here is one of my clients talking about me.


For more information about video for your practice, call us on 01767 626 398 or email us at


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To Promote Private Dental Treatment You Have To Tell People What You Do!

Just how do you promote private dental treatment? Your private dental treatment may just be one of the best kept secrets in your practice! I don't think I have been to a dental practice yet where the private treatments offered are being promoted.

If you don't believe me just have a look around your practice! What information are you currently offering your patients on the services you offer, I suspect if you are like just about every dental practice you aren't.

Let's face it dental implants, veneers, bridges, invisible braces are not cheap are they? A couple of implants may well set your patient back many thousands of pounds, a course of Invisalign runs into thousands, these aren't easy decisions for your patients to make.

When you are thinking of buying a car, holiday, TV etc. you don't normally make a snap decision, you gather as much information as you can get and hopefully make an informed decision.

This normally means visiting websites, getting brochures, going into a showroom and gathering as much material as possible, which means that you have to do the same to promote private dental treatment in your practice.

Car manufacturers, holiday providers know that they have to promote their products both online and in the showrooms or travel agents, they provide brochures, sales people, downloads etc. and you are no different, people have to have information to make a decision.

So just how do you promote your private dental treatment? Incidentally you have an even more difficult task than a car manufacturer or a holiday company because a large number of your patients and prospective patients don't even know that your private dental treatment exists.

Many don't know what an implant is or that they can straighten their teeth without metal braces and if they do they don't know that it may apply to them. If you take nothing else from this article remember this statement.

It's not your patients job to find out what you do, it's your job to tell them!

So just how do your promote private dental treatment in your practice?

Well if you want to do it really well you buy my Practice Marketing Suite, but you can do this yourself too if you have the time and can find a good graphic designer, printer, video production company etc., here's what we provide you and what you need.

  1. Get rid of Sky or BBC news on your reception TV and start to show patients what you do. We provide you with a bespoke video which is branded to you. It has testimonials from your patients, it has you explaining what you can do and it has incredible animations which really grab your patients attention.
  2. You need a brochure and I don't mean a little tri-fold thing which one of your suppliers has provided I mean a high quality A4 brochure that is produced by you and promotes your treatment, explaining what you can offer and how it can benefit your patients.
  3. We provide you with banners which draw your patients attention to your video and your brochures, but at its simplest just highlights what you can do for them.

We call this our Practice Marketing Suite and is designed specifically to promote private dental treatment in your practice.

But it gets better, standing out from your competition is crucial and not only will the video run on the TV in your reception from a standard DVD player, it will run on your website, you can email it (or parts of it) to your patients, it will run on an iPad in your surgery, in fact just about anywhere.

Dental Marketing Expert's Practice Marketing Suite is your one stop shop to promote private dental treatment in your practice.

If you would like more information on Practice Marketing Suite, call us now on 01767 626 398 or email us at or visit the website