Dental Website Design To Attract More New Patients

Posted on by Neil Sanderson

Dental Website Design To Get You More Patients

dental website designYou may be surprised to know that the dental website design of your website is probably the least effective elements in getting new patients.

Only 20% of the effectiveness of a website is down to dental website design. There are several reasons for this.

Most dentists when they are having a new website built spend a huge amount of time and effort on how the site looks on a desktop. This is completely wrong because 60-70% of all the visitors who will come to the site will do so on a mobile not a desktop.

So what are the elements of dental website design that will make people come to your dental practice?

What you need

  1. The site needs to be mobile responsive. This isn't mobile ready which means it looks correct on a mobile. You have to make it so easy for someone to contact you from a mobile phone e.g. the telephone number being everywhere.
  2. You have to have strong headlines that will grab the attention of the person looking for you. This is probably the single most important element in dental website design.
  3. You have to have video on as many pages as possible and ideally this video should be animated video which grabs and keeps the visitors attention.

Colours are of little or no significance in dental website design. Neither are the graphics that you have on the site. Whenever you put a photograph onto your website you must put a caption underneath it or it has no meaning.

What most dentist ask for on a new website are sliders, e.g. a new image slides in and out of the page. This is a complete waste of time too. This is because most people visiting your website on a mobile phone will only stay for seven seconds. If the site doesn't grab their attention they leave.

So when you are looking at dental website design start with a mobile and then think about the desktop version as this is what counts.

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