What is a website Autoresponder?

Here's Why You Need An Autoresponder On Your Website

My wife and I are having a long overdue holiday in South Arica next week, we're both looking forward to it. There is something about hot weather in January, which is just fantastic.

I have to admit that my wife did the majority of the research into the holiday. We are staying at multiple locations and obviously she wanted to find out as much as she could about each location and spent hours on the internet doing so.

You might be thinking what's this got to do with dentistry or an autoresponder? The answer is pretty much everything.

We have all become much more savvy when we come to make medium to large purchases, such as holidays, kitchens, cars, computers etc. etc.

The same is exactly true for your treatments, such as implants, straightening, smile makeovers, even crowns and bridges.

In general people don't make snap decisions about any of the items I have listed above, so why do you think they will do the same when it comes to purchasing your treatment?

The average implant costs around £2,500 and the average number of implants that a patient will have is 2.5 (not sure where the .5 comes from, but allegedly this is fact). So the average cost to a patient for implant treatment is £6,250.

So this is right up there with the purchase of a car, kitchen, holiday etc. etc.

This is where the autoresponder comes into its own. Heres how it works.

  1. When the patient visits your implant page, you offer them something they will be interested in e.g. a document about dental implants.
  2. This is free but in order to get it they have to leave their email address and name.
  3. When they do this the autoresponder automatically sends them out the document and logs their details in it's database.
  4. The autoresponder then sends out a series of emails at set intervals (set by you).
  5. These emails are NOT sales emails, they are informative.
  6. They are designed not to sell but to build up trust in you and your practice.

So when the patient has spent several weeks or maybe even months researching dental implants, your emails will have been landing regularly, giving him or her crucial information about implants.

Let's face it, it's one thing getting a kitchen fitted, its a whole lot more personal having surgery isn't it, that's why we have to build up the trust and the autoresponder does this for you.

Ideally you should set up a series of 12 emails to go out over a three month period, but it can be more than this or for longer or indeed shorter, it's really up to you.

Having an autoresponder on your website, can increase your success rate by 50% or more, simply because the patient/customer is receiving regular (none sales) material from you.

And here's the beauty of it all. The name really tells it all "autoresponder" all this is done completely automatically, you don't have to interact with it at all.

We can set up an autoresponder up on your website or better still build you a new one based around the autoresponder, so call us on 01767 626 398 or email me at sales@dentalmarketingexpert.co.uk, visit the website www.dentalmarketingexpert.co.uk or visit our Facebook page

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